Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi Teacher (Part 2/2)

Bahasa Inggeris

Lynn D'Cruz(MY)-This is my favorite teacher in kasturi.Her notes is full with idiom.Until March,i think i already learn more than 100 idioms,but i not really know how to use it.Compare to other english teacher in kasturi.For your information,she has been teach literature(the pearl)since February.Altogether she has been teach 3 chapter for the pearl+the necklace+the lotus eater+there's been a death in the opposite house.Her class is only on Sunday at KL and Friday at Kepong(KL 1 class,Kepong 2 class).

Mr.Murugan(MR)-Not really know him,coz never attend his class.As i know,he haven't teach literature yet,and he is focus on essay question.Beside teaching English,he also teach EST,but he only teaching at KL branch.


Mr.Khoo(KH)-His teaching style quite good,after teaching do exercise.Sometimes his notes got so many question to answer,but his class will finish on time.He only teach KL branch only(tuesday and wednesday).

-His quite goot also,but for my level,i prefer Mr.Khoo.His notes got so many of question,sometimes can't finish,but if you go to his class,especially girls,he definitely will ask you some question(you will find out when you attend his class.In conclusion,he is ------good la!!!(he teach both branch)


-I already attend his class since form 1,because he teach F1 to F5 except form 3.His notes is short,normally one paper only.His notes is only useful in government exams,because his target is only for government exams.His soalan ramalan also always come out in SPM,but he only teach KL.

Mr.Saad(SD)-His notes is completely different to Mr.Daiva,because his notes was very long.if you remember all note sentence in his notes,I think you can score A in SPM and school exam,but only very few amount of student like to read long notes.Sorry,Mr.Saad,but i still prefer Mr.Daiva.(he teach both branch)

Ekonmi Asas

Puan Mahani(MA)-She speak very fast,and sometimes she never reading the notes.She like remember all things in her brain.Her notes also very short for 1 chapter,normally 8 pages can cover whole chapter.For your information,I'm a science stream student(not want to 串,just want to say last year i didn't take this subject,in this few month(nov-feb),after taking her class,i can score 3B in ujian intervensi 1(this exam question is set by JPWP).So,nothing is imposible after taking her class.(she teach both branch)

Bahasa Cina

Mr.Tan(TY)-his class sometimes really boring,because he like to talk history of china.I not really interested about history of china,i just interested getting A1 in SPM,but if you like china history,you must go to his class,because you definitely will learn something.


KL1-no comment,kind,friendly,good

KL2-the horrible human i haven't seen before,especially "human" sit at counter one,they think they very old,and we must respect them,pay fee like kill her mother,no smile at all,not at all,is 100% no smile.Please la,we are customer,do they know customer are always correct.Hopefully they will change their sikap.

Kepong-also no comment,kind,friendly,good,hardworking

The teacher that i didn't write review about them due to i never attend their class
Biology -SH
Akaun -BO
English -KU
Maths -LW
Ekonomi -KT

the list of the teacher also include kepong teacher.

My next next next post(I also don't know got how many next) will make a table about teacher only teach in Kepong/KL or both branch.

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  1. hey,can i have ur sejarah notes from mr daiva?
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